How to be Positive About Ageing

How to be positive about ageing

Just as day follows night, we age each day. If you look at pictures of your grandparents from when they were your age, chances are high that they looked older than you currently do. With all the anti-ageing wrinkle creams, botox, fillers and hair dye on the market, ageing is no longer seen as something you need to accept. However, they deal with the outward image of ageing, and not with how you feel emotionally as an individual.

Ageing is when significant changes occur and not just to your physical appearance and its capabilities. Changes occur to the social networks that you are part of, to work and employment and relationships. You are a very different person to the person you were when you were younger, so you need to recognise that what once floated your boat, may not satisfy you to the same extent. A positive attitude to the ageing process allows you to feel more in control as you enter a new chapter in life, and live it to the full - without mourning your previous life.

The past is a great place and I don’t want to erase it or to regret it, but I don’t want to be its prisoner either.
— Mick Jagger, 2001

5 Tips to Feel Good About Ageing

1.     Positive Mental Attitude

If you can maintain a positive attitude, your quality of life will naturally improve. Your mental attitude to life’s events will fluctuate in response to the challenges that you face, but by being active in maintaining a positive mental attitude you can affect the outcome. The way that you view your life can even influence the opportunities that come to you. Is your glass half full or half empty?

2.     Social Interactions

A strong social network is an important tool for helping you feel positive about ageing. When you stop working or even no longer must do the school run, you can miss the daily social interactions that you have with it, and so the relationships that you do have gain more importance. Loneliness and isolation can often be felt with a change of routine and so you need to stay connected. Identify clubs that you can join, sports that you've never tried before and hobbies that you can do that help you meet like minded people. Interaction with others helps to promote your mental health and feelings of well-being.

3.     Boost Brain Activity

Go back to school: it's never too late to learn

You will be familiar with the phrase ‘use it or lose it’, and it applies to your brain power just as much as the mechanics of your body. It is important to keep your brain active by learning something new for a hobby, reading a book or doing a crossword. Your brain is a muscle and it needs to be worked to keep it flexible and agile. Have a look at night classes and see if there is a course that appeals to you and will fit in with work and family commitments.

4.     Manage Stress

There is never a better time to learn how to manage stress than right now. Life has a habit of throwing up challenges – physically and emotionally – which can cause stresses, both in the short and long-term, and learning new methods to cope with stress effectively will provide balance and feelings of well-being. 

5.     Physical Activity

You will be well aware of the benefits of physical exercise, but do you regularly engage in physical activity? Your body releases the natural feel-good hormones called endorphins when you exercise, but exercise is also beneficial to build and maintain healthy bones, your muscles and joints. Exercising is also a gateway for social interactions through an active program or club.

Photo by  Matt Heaton  on  Unsplash

Photo by Matt Heaton on Unsplash

Ageing is going to happen, and while you have no control over it, you can control your response to it. Embrace it! Take a minute to reflect on the struggles and challenges that you have overcome and value the lessons that you have learnt because of them - this is the major benefit of ageing so celebrate it!

How do you keep positive about ageing? What suggestions do you have that may help readers who are struggling to come to terms with this process?