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My love affair with organic skincare products began 15 years ago and was fuelled by shame.

I was in Cornwall staying with family when Uncle Donald saw the contents of my makeup bag. He was horrified. He berated me for the number of chemicals that I was plastering on my face, and worse, the chemicals that I was putting on my baby’s skin. I felt sick. The chemicals in the baby and beauty products were potentially causing long-term harm for a short-term gain. Something had to change.

Now I’m no beauty queen, I’m not a yummy mummy and certainly not anyone who should be gracing your Insta feed. Like everyone, life has been full of stresses, challenges and celebrations – I’ve smoked, drunk too much alcohol, had many late late nights, and my skin reflects that.

I’ve swapped the excesses of my youth for green juices, healthier eating and earlier nights in an attempt to slow down ageing skin. I’m over forty - I’ve got fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under my eyes, standard accessories for a woman of my age,This makes me the ideal target customer for all the beauty product brands that exist – I need help.

And what a good customer I’ve been - I can’t calculate the amount of money that I’ve spent over the years on underperforming skincare products and makeup that over promises and under delivers.

The reviewed organic and vegan skincare and beauty products are rated for their performance and for their ‘giftabililty’ - products that have tip top branding to match their tip top product. Goodbye regifting, hello happiness.

The reason why this organic beauty products review site exists is to reduce the risk of a poor purchase.

All tested products share these important characteristics:

  • Paraben free organic skincare

  • SLS free beauty products

  • SLES free beauty products

  • Cruelty free skincare and makeup brands

And some are vegan friendly skincare products too - there’s an option to select just vegan products on the home page.

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