A couple of years ago I wrote an article for a client about how to improve workplace efficiency and productivity. Research for the article lead me to the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. Kaizen is about making adjustments, big or small, to improve efficiency and minimise waste. While typically it is applied to industrial processes, it’s so very relevant in a personal context too. You will already be familiar with the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’, but have you applied it to your personal life too?

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Kaizen is less about big sweeping reactionary gestures to life’s challenges, and more about making regular incremental improvements. You still arrive at your destination by taking small steps, just as long as you journey in the right direction! For me, this feels like a healthier, more realistic and achievable method of self-improvement. It’s about making positive life decisions that give the greatest return on the time and energy that you invest, and reducing the amount of physical and mental energy that you unintentionally waste. Focusing on how to improve is empowering; you are taking control and responsibility for your own happiness.

The articles are typically in response to areas of life where I’ve had to assess where the hell I went wrong, or perhaps where I did OK and made the right call. I’m not chasing unattainable perfection, just improvement.

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